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Landscape project Pusha-Voditsa. Kiev region. 2018. Landscape Bureau Origami. The project is based on a strict geometry of planning decisions, a combination of sheared forms - male and free, light flower beds of cereals and perennials - female pliability and tenderness .... The house had two floors of great influence on the project. The house is dominant and large elements are used to balance smaller objects: pool mirror, homogeneous paving (30% of the plot), large lawn.

The project of improvement and landscaping of the territory of the sports complex was developed taking into account the existing terrain, the architecture of both the arena building itself and the construction of the existing retaining walls, as well as the general architectural environment and climatic conditions. All used components of the improvement are the most resistant to the effects of time, external and anthropogenic factors. For visitors to the sports complex and residents of the area, several areas for recreation and communication are organized.

Landscape design of the site with a slope. Kiev 2018. Vinogradar. Landscape Bureau Origami. The site is located on a slope. The height difference is 8 meters. Plot 8 hectare. At the highest point is the house. The main tasks in the planning of the garden were: to re-plan the technical house in the garage; consider finishing the basement; plan a second exit from the terrace; design a recreation area with a barbecue, playground, lawn; break fruit garden. Landings should be as little as possible.

Landscape project. Odessa 2018. Planning decisions of the 1200 m2. Landscape Bureau Origami. The site is already located a small house and a free-standing bath. Planning solution is as simple as possible: clear lines and rectangular shapes. The main accents of the entrance (front) zone in front of the house are an artificial reservoir and a pergola over the bench in a modern style. In the zone for a quiet secluded rest there is a gazebo under the canopy of trees. Recreation area near the bath includes a swimming pool with a terrace and a lawn for games. A gazebo with a BBQ is attached to the bathhouse itself, which saves space without splitting it once again. There was a place for a small orchard/

Landscape project. 30 acres. with. v. Lisnyky 2017. The area of ​​30 acres is located in the village. Foresters. The planning decision of the territory is dictated by the love of the customer for straight lines and clear forms. The complex configuration of the house is designed so that it is compact and comfortable for life to arrange all the necessary objects of the landscape, without cluttering up the site. Relief with a height difference on a diagonal of about 3 meters. was corrected by low retaining walls dividing the plane of the territory into 3 terraces

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