Landscaping and accomplishment of Ukreximbank
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The project was created as part of the greening of the territory around the head office building of Ukreximbank. The project is executed in the style of minimalism. The choice is due to the architecture of the building itself, designed by architect I. Shpara 

The use of shrubs and shrubs in the project takes its origin in the classical palace landscape art. Only the wealthy owners of the gardens could afford the topiars and the English lawns. At the same time, I want to show that JSC Ukreximbank is not just a representative of the classical banking system, the Bank follows trends and uses advanced technologies in its work.

The combination of sheared forms and "shaggy" beautifully flowering perennials makes it possible to create exactly this image in which the classic and modernity, luxury and accessibility, elegance and simplicity are harmoniously combined. Also, when designing, it was taken into account that care of the territory should be minimal. The scarcity is ensured by the planting of the cut forms, which must be sheared twice a year and the absence of annual plantings. In order to support the style of the project, three main colors of plants were chosen: green, magenta and white, and three forms - the sphere, the pyramid and the natural form. A minimalistic style implies a minimal assortment of plants. However, it does not mean modestly. Year-round decorativeness to the project is provided by structural trunks and branches of plants, as well as interestingly selected foliage of trees, bushes and grasses, changing color throughout the growing season. All plants support each other either in color or form. For example, the only spruce is supported by deciduous shrubs and the cotoneaster is horizontal. At the same time, in winter, the bright red berries of the cotoneaster will be perfectly combined with the green needles and the scarlet branches of the white yoke. The hedge from the white dereel, located near the square flower beds, in combination with the boxwood, will look great in the winter. And in the summer, the turf unites flowering perennials with the rest of the plants in one picture. In addition to plants, the style is supported by balls placed randomly throughout the territory.

Within the framework of gardening, it is planned to create additional green areas along the facade along the street. Tverskoy. Having created a green zone in which two large trees are planted (visualization 3), we have reached two goals. Firstly, the shadow of the trees will cool the building of the bank a little, than reduce the cost of air conditioning in the summer. Secondly, recreation zones for employees and visitors of the bank have been created in the shade of trees, which positively affects their psychosamotic state. Placing along the facade of the building on the street. Antonovicha column-shaped beeches and maples, we pursued the same goals - creating comfortable conditions for work and customer service.

The real pearl in the project are two large liquidabaras of resinous (amber wood). The tree has a bright glossy sheet, painted green in summer and from orange to purple in autumn.

Special attention was paid to small flower beds on the street. Tverskoy. Their chaotic placement was associated in one composition by planting identical plants. This method allows you to save the unity of the created image. The same technique was used to combine the compositions along the facades.

A small flower bed in the form of squares with white gravel at the entrance to the bank is placed in such a way that the visitor sitting on the bench is visually separated from the main stream of customers / employees. The hedge from the white dere is decorative in summer and in winter due to the white-green foliage and brightly red branches. Stalls are proposed to be built in existing marble retaining walls, so the space will be used rationally. To ensure that at night all the flower beds looked also beautiful and elegant, as well as during the day, the project provides a device for highlighting large-scale, as well as additional luminous decorative elements.

At the entrance to the Bank from the side of the street. Tverskaya placed large flowerpots for the landing of summer compositions. This arrangement will allow several times a year, depending on the season, holiday or other occasion, to change compositions from annual flowers and cereals. Thus, we avoid the possible dispute of compositions in style, color or size with basic plantings.