Landscaping of roofs
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Green roofs, which are covered with vegetation, are not yet common in our country. The tradition of such roofs has been going on for a long time. Since ancient times, northern countries have used green roofs to protect themselves from harsh climatic conditions. Thanks to new high-quality insulation materials and growing substrates, roof gardening is no longer a problem. Landscape Bureau Origami, without any difficulties, landscapes the roofs of horizontal, cantilever and saddle structures, if the roof slope is up to 30 degrees.

Why the green roof? In addition to protecting against bad weather, the green roof has a number of advantages and useful functions. This helps improve the environment. The green roof reduces the temperature difference in the house. The internal temperature is held, and the external one is absorbed. The green roof extinguishes noise. Water that drains off the roof for a long time is collected and stored in a reservoir or pond for future use.

Преимущества зеленых крыш

Maintenance of green roofs is minimal. The house with a "live" roof looks very nice and original, ideal for grassy surroundings. Before decorating the roof, we determine the bearing capacity of its construction and the state of the roof.

Thermal insulation with green roofs

Improving the insulation of the roof

The construction of the green roof functions as an additional insulation layer: in summer it serves to reduce heating, in winter - as a heating layer.

Ecological green roofs

Ecological renewal of the environment

Зеленые крыши обеспечивают временную и постоянную защиту для птиц и насекомых. Это места их отдыха, поиска пищи и гнездования.

green roof. for architects and landscape architects

Tool for attractive design

for architects and landscape architects. Green roofs are more often used to give visual appeal to houses of all types.

Зеленая крыша. Благоустройство жилого пространства

Благоустройство жилого пространства

Зеленые крыши - это составляющая постоянного развития в строительстве. Эксплуатируемые крыши могут быть дополнительными публичными пространствами, детскими площадками, спортивными зонами и местами для встреч.

microclimate thanks to green roofs

Improvement of the microclimate

With the evaporation and transpiration of plants, the collected rainwater evaporates and cools the environment.

Green roofs protect against harmful radiation

Protection from radiation

Protection against electrosmogging and mobile telecommunication radiation.

Protection of the roof with greenery

Roof protection

The greening of the roof protects the roof covering from extreme temperatures, solar radiation, hail and weed growth. The roof life will be twice as long as in conventional roofs, thus saving money for long-term repairs.

Green roofs. Purification of air.

Purification of air

Polluted air is filtered, dust particles enter the substrate, decompose and are absorbed by the plants. Thus, the amount of CO2 in the air decreases.

Improving sound insulation

Improving sound insulation

Improve sound insulation through control of vibration of the roof surface and excellent sound absorption by plants. The combination of green roof structures and the structure of green plantations contribute to the reduction of noise in large cities.

Green roof. drainage

Reduction of peak rain loads

The number of negative incidents caused by heavy rains is reduced by 50-100% and the diversion of water into the sewage system is delayed.

Green roof. Rainwater retention

Rainwater retention

Экстенсивная зеленая крыша удерживает около 40-80% годовых осадков, в это же время интенсивная зеленая крыша - 80-99%

Green roofs. Saving money

Saving money

The positive effect of green roofs creates a potential saving in terms of ensuring the drainage of the roof. Green roof technologies are often recognized by local authorities as precautionary measures for the environmental management of water resources.

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